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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top 3 Things To Do on a Rainy Day at the Crystal Coast

With historic storm Sandy making her presence known along the Eastern Seaboard, one can't help but think about rainand lots of it. We truly hope that no matter where you may be these next few days that you are safe, sound and dry.

As beautiful as most days are in Emerald Isle and on the shores of the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, there are times when a rainy day may come along and dampen your plans to soak up the sun, spread out in the sand, and frolic in the surf. 

Have no fear, you do have options.

Here are our top three things to do on a rainy day here at the Crystal Coast:

Photo Courtesy of the NC Aquarium at PKS
1. Take advantage of the indoor attractions. That's right, make the most of a rainy day by taking an excursion to one of the local maritime or historic treasures. The North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores is located right on Bogue Banks and is easily accessible from any of the area beaches. It's pretty much smack dab in the middle of Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle. Visitors can easily spend the day there with its exhibits and galleries, which will take you on an aquatic adventure from the mountains to the sea. The aquarium is open year-round from 9-5p.m. and is only closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's days. 

The North Carolina Maritime Museum is another great option. Located on Front Street in the waterfront town of Beaufort, it's just a quick drive from Bogue Banks. Learn about the local seafood industry, explore the lighthouse exhibits, and view artifacts from Blackbeard the Pirate's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge. These are just a few of the indoor adventures that await you.

Photo Courtesy of the MacDaddy's
2. Try your hand at some indoor sporting events. When is the last time you and your family went bowling? It is a lot of fun (even if you're not that good at it) and bowling really has come a long way. Bowling these days is more like an experience rather than just a past-time or sport. With 24 lanes and bowling options ranging from classic, to laser, to boutique (yes, there's such a thing as boutique bowling), you can find it all at MacDaddy's in Cape Carteret. Located on the mainland, it's not far from Emerald Isle. 

If bowling really isn't up your alley, then try your hand at one of the largest arcades in the area. There's over 4000-square-feet of arcade adventure to challenge you in both classic and modern gaming. There's a little something for everyone and definitely worth the visit.

Photo by Martha Gail Drehmann
3. Don't go anywhere or do anything. Most of our visitors come here for a vacation, but sometimes even vacations are exhausting. There's so much to see and do, and never enough time. Take advantage of the freedom a rainy day at the beach can provide you and your family. Don't make any plans and just relax. That's hard sometimes as we're often so used to being on-the-go constantly.

You are most likely staying in a beautiful beach house or a quaint soundside cottage, so take full advantage of it! Sit on the covered deck with a glass of wine and watch the waves crash while the rain pitter-patters. Find a nice cozy spot inside and pick up that book you've been wanting to read. Play a few rounds of cards with the kids. Take an afternoon nap. Spend some uninterrupted quality time together doing whatever pleases you most. And remember....a rainy day at the beach is better than a sunny day anywhere else!

Photo by Ann Marie Lokey
We've made our case for some reasons to look forward to a rainy day, even at the beach! We hope you get to experience at least some of these opportunities the next time you're here, rainy day or not.

Have you spent a rainy day on the Crystal Coast? What did you do? Tell us about it in our comment section. We always love hearing from our readers. Here's to making the most out of rainy days!

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