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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Simple Pleasures of a Crystal Coast Vacation: Spectacular Sunrises & Sunsets

Let's face it, a vacation is a time to get away from all of the stress, responsibilities, and busyness of every day life. It's a time to focus on the simpler things in life: the beauty of nature, quality time with family and friends, and enjoying each moment for what it is. 

Emerald Isle is located on western end of the island of Bogue Banks, which is part of the Crystal Coast and the greater part of the region known as the Southern Outer Banks. What visitors may not realize is that unlike the northern parts of the Outer Banks of North Carolina which lie north to south, the island of Bogue Banks has an east-west orientation with the beaches facing south. 
So if you're standing on the beach looking straight ahead toward the ocean, you're actually facing south and if you would turn your back to the ocean, you'd actually be facing north. Make sense? It may help you to take a look at a Crystal Coast map to get the full picture.

Well, the whole point of all of this is that because of the unique east-west positioning of Bogue Banks, it allows for spectacular coastal views of both sunrises and sunsets. So when you book your Emerald Isle vacation rental this summer, be sure to bring your camera and be ready to capture the glorious sunrises and sunsets. If you're not big on photography, then just stroll the beaches and enjoy. Sunrises usually occur near 6a.m. and sunsets happen after 8p.m. for the month of July. 

Also just another reminder if you're here vacationing with us over the July 4th holiday, be sure to read last week's blog about the Fourth of July festivities in Emerald Isle.
We know there are plenty of fun things to do while vacationing here on the Crystal Coast, but we hope you make time for the sunrises and sunsets, as well as other simple pleasures. 

Have you vacationed in Emerald Isle? Tell us about some of your favorite simple pleasures!

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