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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The word is out...

The word is out. Beaufort, North Carolina is "America’s coolest small town", according to the January, Budget Travel Contest.

Okay, Beaufort tied. Beaufort tied because there were so many votes, the website blew up.
If you have never heard of Beaufort or never been to Beaufort, it is a “cool “small town. The best part, it is just down the beach from Emerald Isle .

In addition to being this “cute”, “quaint” town with a picturesque view, Beaufort looks and feels like a scene in a Disney movie. There are plenty of tree lined streets and historic homes with the sounds of seagulls in the distance. Don’t get me wrong, Emerald Isle is the coolest place we know but Beaufort is a “different” type of cool.

Beaufort is the third oldest city in North Carolina and is the home of the NC Maritime Museum and Queen Anne’s Revenge. Artifacts from Blackbeard’s ship are found right off the Beaufort Inlet and it is an awesome dive sight. Yes, it is true that the Pirate, Blackbeard visited and his ship sank here in Beaufort.

During the Revolution, Beaufort was the third largest port in the state. Ships and boats from the West Indies would arrive with goods into Beaufort. There is a graveyard with graves from soldiers from this time.

One of the most unique and fascinating parts of Beaufort can be found sitting on a bench, looking across the water to Carrot Island. Carrot Island is home to horses and ponies that have lived on that island for years. Kids and adults alike are sure to love the rural charm of seeing wild horses in their element.

Shops, pristine waters, water taxis, ships and fabulous views are part of Beaufort’s charm. The other part of the charm, you cannot resist walking hand in hand.

Engage your pallet in whatever flavor your crave but we would suggest some Shrimp N Grits, a North Carolina favorite, at any of the fabulous restaurants.

Book your Sun- Surf Realty vacation and don’t forget to pencil in, “America’s Coolest Small Town” for lunch, sunset or the entire day. You will be glad you did.


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